BEA Credit Card Priority Booking: MAYDAY #5525 LIVE TOUR HONG KONG

Date : 30 April, 1,3-5,7-8 May 2024 7:15pm
Venue : Central Harbourfront Event Space

BEA Credit Card Priority Booking is available from 22 March 2024, 10am to 24 March 2024, 7pm (for Telephone Booking) / 11:59pm (for Online Booking).

Online Booking:

Telephone booking Hotline: (852) 3761-6515 (10am - 7pm)

Supply of the Ticket is limited and while stock lasts.

Ticket Price
A/ HK$1,580 (Seats on Floor)
B/ HK$1,380 (Seats on Floor)
C/ HK$1,180 (Seats on Floor)
D/ HK$980 (Seats on Floor / Seats on Platform / Seats on Riser)
E/ HK$780 (Seats on Floor / Seats on Platform / Seats on Riser)
F/ HK$580 (Seats on Riser)
Barrier Free Zone/ HK$1,580 (on Floor)
Barrier Free Zone/ HK$1,180 (on Floor)

Please click here to view the seating map.

”MAYDAY #5525 LIVE TOUR HONG KONG” (the “Concert”) BEA Credit Card Exclusive Priority Booking Terms and Conditions:


Tickets purchased through Cityline are legitimate, subject to Cityline’s terms. If you purchase a ticket through any sources other than Cityline, Cityline cannot guarantee that ticket’s authenticity.

If ticket is lost, damaged, defaced or stolen, the Organizer and Cityline will not reissue or replace the ticket, and will not bear any responsibility. Please keep it carefully.

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