Live Nation Members Presale: LiVE is Smile Always〜ASiA TOUR2024〜 in Hong Kong

Date : 15 June 2024 (Sat) 7:00PM
Venue : AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 10

2020年LiSA獲得了「在日本國外最多串流播放量的日本歌手」第一名,人氣單曲〈紅蓮華〉則榮登「日本國外最多串流播放量的日本歌手演唱樂曲」第一名,2022年LiSA更在Spotify上成為日本歌手史上第4組串流影音突破10億次播放量的歌手。2023年在Apple Music同樣突破了串流影音10億次播放量,LiSA也成為在全世界持續更新紀錄的日本歌手。而自2011年歌手出道以來,LiSA也一直以亞洲為中心定期舉辦海外巡迴演唱會。本次2023年亞洲巡迴將是繼2018年舉辦完《LiVE is Smile Always~ASiA TOUR 2018~[eN]》之後,暌違6年之久,終於要再度舉行的巡迴演唱會。

LiVE is Smile Always〜ASiA TOUR2024〜 in Hong Kong
Date: 15 June, 2024 (Sat)
Show Time: 7pm
Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 10

Live Nation Member Presale: Tickets are available from 25 March 2024 at 12:00pm - 23:59pm at Cityline website.

Ticket Price

A/ HK$1,099
B/ HK$699

(All Standing, Admission with the queuing number)

Tickets purchased through Cityline are legitimate, subject to Cityline’s terms. If you purchase a ticket through any sources other than Cityline, Cityline cannot guarantee that ticket’s authenticity.

If ticket is lost, damaged, defaced or stolen, the Organizer and Cityline will not reissue or replace the ticket, and will not bear any responsibility. Please keep it carefully.

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