AXA Priority Booking - Staff⁠ Katch音樂娛樂平台呈獻:Blueprint of Memories, by Edward Chan

Date : 23-24 Mar 2024 (Sat-Sun) 8:00pm
Venue : AsiaWorld-Expo, ARENA


Edward Chan首個個人作品展《Blueprint of Memories, by Edward Chan》,
以創作者的角度說故事,讓你感受Edward Chan塑造的獨有溫度。

Katch 音樂娛樂平台呈獻:《Blueprint of Memories, by Edward Chan》
冠名贊助: Katch 音樂娛樂平台
協辦單位:SONY MUSIC、MOOV、CR ENT、創科媒體、星傳文化、心旭娛樂
日期:2024年3月23及24日 (星期六、日)
地點:AsiaWorld-Arena (1號展館)
票價:HK$1,088 / $788 / $588 / $388 (全場座位)

23 Mar - Day 1: 黃妍/ 方皓玟/ 林一峰/ Daniel Toh/ 薛凱琪/ 衛蘭/ 陳柏宇/ 葉巧琳/ 林奕匡/ 呂爵安 @ MIRROR/ 姜濤 @ MIRROR and more...

24 Mar - Day 2: 黃妍/ 方皓玟/ 林一峰 / Daniel Toh / Dear Jane / 陳柏宇 / 側田 / 葉巧琳 / 林奕匡 / 盧瀚霆 @ MIRROR and more...

AXA Priority Booking Terms and Conditions

1. AXA employee is defined as all permanent and contract staff under AXA Hong Kong and Macau/ AXA XL employment.
2. The priority booking date of AXA Insurance Sponsors: Katch presents “Blueprint of Memories, by Edward Chan” is on 26 Feb 2024 from 10:00am to 11:59pm.
3. Payment for tickets can be made by credit card: Visa/ Mastercard/ UnionPay & PayMe. Cityline will collect an additional HKD40 handling fee for each ticket.
4. Each transaction is limited to a maximum of 2 tickets.
5. For successful transaction inquiry, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 3761 6688 or email to cs@cityline.com.
6. Please note that the venue only installed limited number of Ticket Dispensing Machines and it is suggested to redeem tickets before arriving the venue. Should you choose self-redemption, please bring along the credit card which you used for booking to redeem tickets at nearby Cityline UTDM (Ticket Dispensing Machines) or courier/locker service at the earliest convenience.
7. Local courier service will be applicable to priority booking. A courier service fee of HK$35 will be charged per purchase order mailed in Hong Kong. Each delivery is limited to 2 tickets per transaction. Customers should ensure that the delivery address/information is correct. No amendments of delivery address for successful transaction. AXA, the Show Organiser and Cityline are not responsible for undelivered tickets due to wrong or incomplete delivery address/information.
8. Sharing of the exclusive priority booking link, code or any details with friends or social media is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
9. Reselling any of the assigned tickets for profiteering is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, failing which may lead to disciplinary actions and/or reporting to the relevant authority.

Tickets purchased through Cityline are legitimate, subject to Cityline’s terms. If you purchase a ticket through any sources other than Cityline, Cityline cannot guarantee that ticket’s authenticity.

If ticket is lost, damaged, defaced or stolen, the Organizer and Cityline will not reissue or replace the ticket, and will not bear any responsibility. Please keep it carefully.

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